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Inspired Studio. Creating + controlling strong brands through high-end design

Creating + controlling strong brands through high-end design

Our boutique marketing and brand design studio collaborates with entrepreneurs and marketing directors, providing specialized and high-end services that increase their organization’s brand strength through strategic design and marketing.


Your Brand Is Your Most Important Asset. Invest Wisely.

You’re not just a business—you’re a brand. It’s how the world perceives you. And every brand has a story.

The question is, is yours appealing, engaging and trustworthy? Simply put, does it sell?

Our job is to help you define your brand, refine your goals, and present a resonating image in front of your ideal customers.

One of the best ways to tell your brand story is with support from the right design. That’s because every aspect of your visual communication says something about who you are. With the wrong design you risk attracting the wrong customers—or none at all. Impressions are made within milliseconds.

Many clients want to jump right to the good stuff: the logo, the sign, the gorgeous pamphlet. But we’re not just designers. We are creative problem solvers who make your business our business. We take the extra time to actively listen, to curiously learn, and to identify exactly which aspects of your story resonate with customers. And we use this knowledge to present a cohesive package of branding elements that collectively deliver a compelling brand image to your ideal audience, again and again.

And that’s the real secret of storytelling with your brand. It isn’t about your logo or heritage or retail environment or any other single element. It’s about how those pieces all fit together, and the way your brand story as a whole makes customers feel.

Let’s make your brand work harder through purposeful design, careful brand management, and strategic marketing. Get started, we know you’re ready.

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First, thank you! The strategy is working great, I didn't believe I could double our size in just a few months when we spoke about it. However, I said to myself, ‘maybe it is as easy as Maria thinks, so just roll with it.’ Guess what? I'm half way there!!

Christian Saunders, President

Christian Saunders Real Estate | Dunmore, PA