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Advertising & Brand Management

Why you need it

Maybe your business is doing well, but you just can’t seem to move to the next level. Or maybe it feels like you’re treading water merely trying to survive. Chances are, the problem isn’t your product or service… it’s your marketing, branding or positioning.

You already know what you’re selling is great. Now let’s make sure customers know by developing a compelling, attention-grabbing message. More than that, let’s ensure that message gets to the right customers at the right time, pinpointing your exact audience so your money works harder while eliminating waste.

As small businesspersons ourselves, we know it’s never easy. Let us offer a fresh perspective and uncover new possibilities for growing your business.

How Inspired does it

Building a brand isn’t magic, it’s strategic. It’s about hard work, consistency and authenticity. It’s about finding what’s special about your brand and using that knowledge to spark interest and excitement in consumers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling to. People respond to authenticity because they feel it in their guts. They understand they’re buying more than a product or service, they’re buying something with heritage that rings true and sincere dedication to quality. Oftentimes, they’re willing to pay more because of it.

We offer a full range of professional services to make that possible. And because we practice what we preach, we only recommend what we know is right for our clients. Some services are in-house, some are carefully sourced agencies who provide the best in their industry.

Not only did we win a Diamond Award we won CATEGORIES BEST! Couldn't have done it without you :)
Katelyn McManamon | Inspired Design Studio Client

Katelyn McManamon

Penn East Federal Credit Union Scranton, PA

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