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Elevate your life’s work—
and your business.

We’re as invested as you are in your businessTake back your leadership time by teaming up with brand design and marketing experts.


As creative problem solvers, we are committed to helping you achieve goals such as:

More awareness of your business within the community

An accurate, effective, and quality brand that attracts loyal customers

A steady stream of ideal customers

More time on your hands

Reliable professionals to collaborate with

A fresh, creative perspective of your business

An agency that will actively listen, understand, and become invested in the wellbeing of their business

Are you ready for an authentic and powerful brand identity backed by consistently cohesive visuals with the support of a marketing mentor?

Our Approach


We believe that entrepreneurs and CEOs have a fire in their belly and are in business for a purpose, and our purpose is to help them fulfill theirs effectively and beautifully.


We believe that every client has a unique message to share with their unique audience. We believe that an authentic connection can be made through a strong and cohesive brand. The right messages, design, and visibility of the client all play important roles in not just telling their story, but selling it.


We believe in our clients’ “why”—it gets us to the root of design, branding and messaging challenges finding the best ways to overcome them. Surface-level designs are not in our repertoire—strategic designs are a result of deep-rooted truths mixed with high-end skillsets.


We firmly believe in the creation of new ideas and captivating brand experiences through every point of interaction, producing real impact for our clients—with strategy, consistency, and strength.


Our clients come from many different industries with many different challenges and goals. A few things are consistent:

They are passionately mission-driven—committed to doing what it takes to make their own kind of impact.

They are visionary! Their dreams will become a reality and they know "it takes a village." They want to stay in their leadership roles and appreciate the power of a winning collaboration.

They know the value of a strong brand—they've seen first-hand what works and what doesn't, and wants help maintaining consistency or wants to totally up-level.




Inspired On Demand

Benefits medium- to large-sized businesses whose marketing director/department is wearing too many hats, who needs reliable support in order to focus on internal responsibilities.

An all-access pass to use Inspired Studio's experts as integrated extensions of your marketing team—creative thinking combined with strategic design inspired by and focused on your business’ needs and goals.

You will go from having a spread-too-thin Marketing Director to one who confidently produces having a reliable team of professionals to back them, consistently managing an effective and strong brand identity. You can have an invested, third-party perspective on how your brand can make a bigger impact... on demand.


Square 1 Intensive

Benefits any business or organization who needs clarity on unique selling proposition, and a roadmap for brand design, messaging and positioning.

An interview and brainstorming session designed to identify and define your business’ unique building blocks in which to build a strong, authentic brand upon.

You will go from miscommunication and disconnect with your ideal audience to a strong sense of brand identity through analysis, discovery, and definition. Results can be used internally as effectively as externally.


Inspired Logo Design

Benefits any business, organization or personal brand in need of a redesign due to growth or a change in circumstances. Also benefits startups with goals of quick recognition and an urgent creation of reputation, with heavy competition.

An “inspired” design is one that is intentionally infused with purpose, passion and professionalism that attracts and connects with those it’s meant to impact.

You will go from misrepresenting your business and inauthentic visuals to having a strong brand identity and awareness through strategic analysis and professional, high-end design.


Branding & Marketing Consulting

One-on-one consulting and coaching for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and marketing directors in need of specific branding and marketing guidance.

Let’s get to the root of your branding, design, and marketing challenges. We will work closely together to identify challenges, define goals, and map out a step-by-step process to work toward them.

With consistent communication and careful planning we will find the best ways to speak specifically to your ideal audience. We’ll look at who it is you’re serving, who you want to be serving, and how you can connect with them in a way that will turn into more business for you.

Per Project

Your business is as unique as you are. We work in many capacities and would love an opportunity to see how we can help you. From websites to editorial publications, your important project is our important project.

Agency Partnership

We have agency partners across the country who specialize in their own corner of "marketing." We partner with them to offer specialized, high-end design services to their clients, too, and treat them as if they were our own.


"Working with Inspired Studio has been a game changer for us. Their team has really taken the time to get to know us, understand the nuances of our organizations and what we stand for and really ensure that they provide us with tangible deliverables that help us deliver our message and mission. Over the past three years that we have been partnering with Inspired Studio, our relationship has deepened. I trust them with some of our most visible projects, notably our comprehensive annual reports for 2017 and 2018. Relinquishing creative control can seem scary at first but when you have the right partner (like Inspired), the 'scary' shifts to 'refreshing' in so many ways! Time and time again their team just exceeds our expectations with their attention to detail, commitment to timely turnaround and genuine desire to just get things right. They're not just a consultant, but a true partner. If you're reading this and thinking about giving Inspired a shot, do it. I am 100% sure you won't be disappointed."

The Wright Center for Community Health and its affiliated entity, The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education

"We have been secretly working on a few wonderful updates to our brand and business look over the past few months. We have had the pleasure of working with Maria, owner of Inspired Studio, to create a new brand image. Her work has enabled us to revamp our logo, website, menus, business cards, and create a few other surprises for our patients. Throughout the process she was kind, efficient, talented, and working with her was incredibly refreshing. Maria had an eye for exactly what we were looking for all while adding special touches we would never think to take us to that next level."

PURE Medi-Spa | Dickson City, PA


"With Maria and her team, it's like having in-house advertising/marketing/PR department(s) that I've always needed but couldn't imagine funding or creating. I simply let Maria know what I’m trying to accomplish and she finds a way to do it. We communicate as if she's in our offices and she comes to me with an awesome solution every time. Most important for me is that once we agree on the direction I don't have to think about it until I see the finished product, concept or ad."

Ferrario Real Estate Development | Scranton, PA

"Maria designed my logo that I am absolutely in love with! She took the time to understand who I am, what my business is, and how I want both to be represented. She’s also done all of my other graphics since creating my new business a few years ago. She has certainly inspired me over the years with much more than graphics and I am very grateful for her passion and excellent skills. Needless to say, I highly recommend Inspired Studio."

Fidati Health & Wellness | Scranton, PA


Are you ready for an authentic and powerful brand identity backed by consistently cohesive visuals with the support of a marketing mentor?

Let’s work together and elevate your business.

Powerful, effective design paired with strategic marketing is about more than making your image professional, your products more appealing, or your brand more memorable. It’s about using creative problem solving skills to make your assets work harder and achieve growth, no matter how you define it.

Tell us about your passion, your business, and your biggest goals. Then we can work together to develop creative solutions that will force your target audience take notice—and action.

It’s a process that’s part science, part intuition. We’ll likely gain new insights about your business along the way, and uncover opportunities you hadn’t imagined. As your marketing partners, we look forward to collaborating with you to make magic happen.

The next big idea for your business is just around the corner.