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Inspired Logo Design

Benefits any business, organization or personal brand in need of a redesign due to growth or a change in circumstances. Also benefits startups with goals of quick recognition and an urgent creation of reputation, with heavy competition.


An “inspired” design is one that is intentionally infused with purpose, passion and professionalism that attracts and connects with those it’s meant to impact.

You will go from misrepresenting your business and inauthentic visuals to having a strong brand identity and awareness through strategic analysis and professional, high-end design.

Businesses in need of a rebrand due to growth or a change in circumstances, or, a startup with goals of quick recognition, an urgent creation of reputation, and with heavy competitors need a professional brand identity.

Being unclear on brand messaging, wasting advertising and marketing dollars doing and saying the wrong thing to the wrong people can be the result of a low-quality, ineffective brand identity.

When your visuals don’t accurately and powerfully represent your business, you could be doing more harm than good with your budget. Being unorganized with your brand's identity can make working with vendors tedious and time-consuming. And a confusing identity externally can also confuse your staff, creative a vicious cycle. Marketing doesn't have to be so hard!

Through the Square 1 Intensive, you will learn your ideal audience and ideal form of messaging, which becomes the catalist for designing and effective and powerful logo/brand identity package.

You will gain an original, authentic, inspired logo based on your brand’s “personality” and ideal audience and a secondary logo design to be used as you see fit in every file type and color space, neatly organized into easy-to-find folders. Branded icons will be developed, which will help extend your brand's visuals.

To accompany your investment, you will recieve a complete style guide that will define logo usage, typography pairings, and primary and secondary color pallets for consistency—no matter who touches your logo in the future! We'll also make sure to send you off with a branded social media profile and cover image.

Timeline: 4-6 weeks


Square 1 Intensive Report:

  • Communications assessment
  • Positioning Statement/USP
  • Key image attributes/brand personality
  • Ideal audience(s)
  • 3-4 initial logo design concepts

Original high-end logo design

Secondary logo

Icon set

Primary and secondary color pallets

Typography recommendations

Style guide (fonts, usage, colors)

All logo file types

Logos in all colors spaces

Social profile and cover image



Style Guide

One-on-one consultations

Unlimited revisions

Access to marketing/brand design experts

24/7 Email Support


As creative problem solvers, we are committed to helping you achieve goals like:

Creating more awareness of your business within your community (virtual or otherwise)

Having an accurate, effective, and quality representation of your brand that attracts loyal customers

Having a steady stream of ideal customers

Acquiring more time to do what you do best

Collaborating with reliable professionals

Getting a fresh, creative perspective of your business

Depending on an agency that will actively listen, understand, and become invested in the wellbeing of your business

Are you ready for an authentic and powerful brand identity backed by consistently cohesive visuals with the support of a marketing mentor?

Our Approach


We believe that entrepreneurs and CEOs have a fire in their belly and are in business for a purpose, and our purpose is to help them fulfill theirs effectively and beautifully.


We believe that every client has a unique message to share with their unique audience. We believe that an authentic connection can be made through a strong and cohesive brand. The right messages, design, and visibility of the client all play important roles in not just telling their story, but selling it.


We believe in our clients’ “why”—it gets us to the root of design, branding and messaging challenges finding the best ways to overcome them. Surface-level designs are not in our repertoire—strategic designs are a result of deep-rooted truths mixed with high-end skillsets.


We firmly believe in the creation of new ideas and captivating brand experiences through every point of interaction, producing real impact for our clients—with strategy, consistency, and strength.


Our clients come from many different industries with many different challenges and goals. A few things are consistent:

They are passionately mission-driven—committed to doing what it takes to make their own kind of impact.

They are visionary! Their dreams will become a reality and they know "it takes a village." They want to stay in their leadership roles and appreciate the power of a winning collaboration.

They know the value of a strong brand—they've seen first-hand what works and what doesn't, and wants help maintaining consistency or wants to totally up-level.



"Maria designed my logo that I am absolutely in love with! She took the time to understand who I am, what my business is, and how I want both to be represented. She’s also done all of my other graphics since creating my new business a few years ago. She has certainly inspired me over the years with much more than graphics and I am very grateful for her passion and excellent skills. Needless to say, I highly recommend Inspired Studio."

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