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Why Your Brand Needs Standards (and What They Should Include)

Just as no two people are truly identical, no two companies are the same. Therefore, no two brands should be alike. Inspired’s designers focus [...]

This is an exciting time to be in the business of helping small business

  I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” —Anne Frank   Contrary to what we’re seeing all [...]

Inspired Designer Spotlight: Meet Loriah Webby

What does Loriah Webby love most about design? Two things: developing meaningful color palettes and telling client stories. Combining the two has been her [...]

Hereby Acknowledging: There is a Problem

“Boring.” “Not memorable.” “Not noticeable.” “Needs to be different.” “Needs to be more aggressive.” These words, spoken to me by the CEO of an [...]

A Business Case for Brand Management: Putting a Value on an Intangible Asset

Written by guest contributor: David P. Deitzer, Fixed Focus Consulting   As a former business owner of a Strategic Accounting Firm I’ve had the [...]

Three Ways to Promote Your Business for Free

Last year for Mother’s Day my 2-year-old gave me a morning glory seedling she grew with her teachers and classmates at daycare. The seedling [...]

I’m meant to help small business owners like you keep doing what you love

How are you holding up? I’ve been jumping between my home office chair and wherever my two toddlers summon me, every day, for more [...]

Inspired Studio wins Silver Award at the 2019 American Adverting Federation event

The Inspired Studio team was awarded a Silver Award at the 2019 American Advertising Awards Ceremony for our unique design of an original sales [...]

Love Never Fails: 5 Ways to Turn Business Bloopers into Better Client Relationships

Did you ever make a mistake in your business? Make the wrong decision on a tough call? Feel like you’ve let your client/customer down? [...]

If This, Then That: Entrepreneurial Word Problems With One Simple Solution

If there is only one you, then there is no one else exactly like you.   So…   If your business is a reflection [...]